I’ve always really thought that Meat Puppets II was a cool album. It is what it is. It’s so unique in the way that it was performed. We would never have been able to do that again. I mean, we probably could if we got totally messed up and tried to be ourselves when we were that old again. But people would just say we were being “sloppy.” I like the fact that that album just completely sucks, it’s sloppy, it sounds like shit…and everybody likes it.

Probably the Best Movie Description of All Time

"There are seven days in every week, but…
Empires are built on the streets, upon the backs of dope dealers and small-time hoodlums. Amidst the stench-soaked garbage and crack-heads walk men who fancy themselves as kings. From the desperation grows a drug empire, a syndicate. Capitalism, as a weapon. A weapon to be used against any and all who stand in the way of the bottom line.
TUESDAY NEVER COMES is an insider’s look into the life of drug czar, Mecilli (Erik Estrada). He lives the high life, stepping on the backs of his drones with their crack-soaked brains. We follow Mecelli slide down the ladder of success into the depths of decadence. We see the intricate web of deceit and crime he built. His web reaches across continents, across the lines of decency and kindness. From his perch high above the city, he pulls the strings on his puppets. We follow the F.B.I., as one secret agent, Druillet (Lawrence Hilton Jacobs) tracks down Mecelli. He finds a secret connection to an assassin, Zacharias McCormick (Jason Holt) with ties to the I.R.A. Zacharias kidnaps Mecelli’s girl (Karen Black) and becomes addicted to her sex and her drugs, setting up a brutal clash of wills between the assassin and the gangster.
TUESDAY NEVER COMES is an action-adventure of the classic type. Double dealing and double crosses, crack pipes and crackpots, all converge, as the back-stabbing and carnage build to a spectacular climactic surprise ending. In a world of deceit, murder is the only way out. [sic]

Description for Tuesday Never Comes

For the first time, investment of power did not pave the way for investment of money, but export of power followed meekly in the train of exported money, since uncontrollable investments in distant countries threatened to transform large strata of society into gamblers, to change the whole capitalist economy from a system of production into a system of financial speculation, and to replace the profits of production with profits in commissions.
Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

drink water

Scientific studies (conducted by me) prove that most cases of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and boredom are caused by lack of hydration.

Today, after not drinking water all morning I indulged in the sweet nectar pouring forth from the water fountain at my office. I felt like a wilted flower being brought back to life.

The moral of the story is STAY HYDRATED, FOLKS.

Another Day with the MBTA

  • Lady on Train: hey you're not allowed on here! There's no room!!!
  • *pushes me with her arm in an attempt to keep me on the platform and off the train*
  • Me: there's some room. I'm small.
  • *proceed to push my way onto the train*
  • Lady on train: Oh is that a kitty in that bag!
  • Other lady on train: Yeah.
  • Lady on train: I have two kitties.

Dumb Phones are Great!

Last week, the Google Droid that Ava gave me started getting stuck in a loop on the startup screen, the screen where you see the weird freaky eyeball thing as a representation that the system is starting up. Anyway, it would go in this loop and overheat, so I figured it was time for a new phone.

I walked around the store, trying to decide between Droids, IPhones, HTCs, and other smart phones.

I finally found the oasis of “basic phones.” You know, those ancient flip phones that don’t contain luscious user interfaces or wild and crazy apps. The phones your grandma might use to call you. Or maybe this is the kind of phone parents are giving their kids these days as a “starter phone.” “Don’t drop it, asswipe!” heh heh.

Anyway, the Samsung flip phone I got was basically free (w/ mail-in rebate and signing another godawful 2 year contract).

This phone is awesome! It’s small, durable, and I don’t use it compulsively whenever there’s a lull of inactivity in my life!

Yeah, I’m actually finding that during all these empty spaces of my existence, I can actually reflect on things, read a little bit, or even do some dishes!

The only drawback is that I can’t check my work email 24/7…guess I’ll have to live w/ out that!